Saturday, October 20, 2007

Roll Tide

Mimi, Jimmy, Mom, Papa and Sean hangin' out in the living room
Jimmy and Mimi watching the game
Just Papa
Mimi and me
Sean gets an early birthday present!
Sean, me, and Bandit
Emily, here are pictures of our clean upstairs! We set up Clint's dresser in our guest room.

"I wonder if the Asians' diet has something to do with their brains?" - Mimi

My Mimi sure is a special woman. I wish you could all be here with me today to meet her.

Having family over for Saturday lunch is quite a chore...They've been here going on 3 hours now, and I'm just about spent. I'm glad that Mimi and Papa (even though he won't remember) got a chance to finally see our house. We've lived here almost 2 years now - I can't believe it. But our family isn't big on gatherings, which is why it's taken me so long to extend an invitation to them. We're strictly a 'holidays' family; only see each other on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And you know what? That's just about enough for me.

After checking our calendars, we decided that today would work best. Then I realized it was the Tennesse-Alabama game, so I invited mom and Jimmy to come over, too. We watched the game and enjoyed a spread of white beans, cornbread and BBQ. Ok, some of us watched the game. (I confess, I only saw a couple of plays and that was purely accidental.) Mom tried to make a coconut pie for dessert. I say "tried" because it's the saddest lookin' pie I ever saw. When we served it up on the plates, it was so runny that Sean offered straws to everyone. It was still good -- runny sugar doesn't taset any different.

I'm all caught up on the family gossip now, and all I want to do is take a nap. It's perfect weather outside, the windows are open, and football is on in the background. Something about this combination makes me incredibly sleepy. Well, that and all the cornbread and beans.

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