Sunday, October 7, 2007

Chairs and such

This weekend has been so busy that I almost forgot to post!

Friday was payday - a great way to start the weekend! I hit the gym, and then waited for Sean to get home. We decided to have a date at the Yellow Porch -- an awesome little restaurant near our home -- and the meal was muy delicioso. I was so in love with my dinner that I wanted to ask for a job there. I would love to be able to created dishes like the ones they serve at Yellow Porch. It blows my mind...Quick, someone write me a check for cullinary school!

Sean and I chilled for the rest of the night, reading and watching TV. It was a good thing we got our rest in because Saturday was ball-busting busy. Saturday became known as "chair day." My boss is relocating and offered to sell me a chair. Actually, it's a "chair and 1/2," and it's leopard print. I love it! (But I'm not so sure about Sean...) Anyway, my plan is to put the chair upstairs in the bonus room.....or rather, the room that will be the bonus room when all of my sister's furniture has been removed. This is where the work comes in...

See, we had to re-organize our entire upstiars in order to make room for this chair. And unfortunately, there's no AC upstairs (yet), and it's still hotter 'n blazes outside so we were sweltering!!! And then we had to pick up a truck from someone across town, drive even further across town, load the chair, deliver the chair to our house, move the chair upstairs, drive the truck back, and then drive home. PHEW!!!! We were pooped. Buying a chair from your boss can be a lot more work that it seems...

But somehow we managed to squeeze in a bit of yardwork before the sun went down. And by that time, I had no interest in cooking dinner whatsoever so we orderd pizza and watched our Netflix -- Shaun of the Dead.

Sunday morning brought lots of laundry, and then we headed off to the mall to shop for Halloween costumes and decorations. I'm such a goober -- I was so giddy about my costume all day. I found most of the pieces, and I cannot wait until it's complete! The giant Halloween tent outside the mall was AMAZING. I could have stayed there all day -- ok, maybe not all day. It was still burnin' up hot outside and I thought I was going to melt.

Another exciting thing about today was that I read an e-mail from my sister Amanda. She's studying in Australia this semester, and although we didn't see each other all too often at home, it's been weird with her away. It's strange not knowing much about her life or being able to visualize her surroundings when we talk. It's almost like she's lost in a black hole...or stuck somewhere in the television like in Poltergeist. Come home, Amanda! This house is clear! She'll be home sometime around the begining of the year...I'm not sure exactly when. But you can all check out her blog here if you wish.

Now that it's 10:15 p.m. my eyes are getting very heavy. Sean is already in bed, so I'd better join him. Off to another week of work...

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