Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sean Turns 29!!!

Sean turned 29 on Sunday, and we made this weekend one heck of a birthday celebration! After all, this is his last year of being young so he had to do something wild and crazy. (Ok, maybe it wasn't the most wild and crazy time ever, but it was a lot more than we usually do...)

Sherri and Keith met us for dinner Saturday night for a bit of an early celebration. Sean got a birthday shot of Single Barrel Jack Daniels from Keith, and I think that's when all the fun began...Unfortunately, Sherri and Keith had another party to attend, so they bailed on us. Sean and I headed off by ourselves to Big Bang, a new bar on Broadway right across from all the Honkey Tonks. Big Bang is a dueling piano bar, and it really is the neatest thing since sliced bread. The piano players encourage audience participation and singing along, so there's no way you could ever get bored here. We sang our fair share of "oldies but goodies," my favorites being the Journey tunes, And we also snuck in a few dances. I really wish I had a video to share with you because I'm not doing this place justice. There's just no way for me to capture all the excitement and energy you find when you visit in person.

Just know we had so much fun that we had to take a cab home.

Sunday morning was a Birthday Brunch with Sean's mom, stepdad, and brother Trevor. We ate an amazing spread of food at Ellendale's ranging from waffles to omlets to eggplant Parmesan to pizza. We were in hog heaven, and after stuffing ourselves it was time for Sean to open his presents. I was so nervous that he wouldn't like his new guitar, but thankfully he seemed to be really excited about it. Sean has quite an ear for music, and he can harmonize without ever being trained. I think he's going learn quickly - he's already been practicing "Ode to Joy" every day. I love hearing the chords ring out through the house (even if they aren't always perfect). His favorite chord so far is E7...it must be an easy one. The guitar is an acoustic Epiphone, and it's really beautiful and has a great tone. I found a picture even though it may not be the exact model.

Bonnie and Ed gave him a Home Depot gift card, and he got a squirrel-proof bird feeder from Trevor. For those of you who don't already know, our back yard is somewhat of a squirrel playground. They must love that we don't have dogs, so they frolic and play, and sometimes take naps on our deck. We really do enjoy them (except for when they ate all my tulip bulbs), and it will be fun trying to watch them hack into that bird feeder. Sean also got a gift card from my mom and Jimmy, and a new CD from Amanda.

Oh, and GOOD NEWS - Sean bought a new camera with his birthday money. Rest assured, I will steal it often and take pictures for the blog.

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