Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just Call Me Granny

At 25 years old, I don't think it's right for me to be falling asleep at 8:00 p.m., but that's sure what happened last night. I think because it was Friday night, I was worn out from the week. I also think I was trying to fight off some sort of cold. Some people (like my husband) force themselves to stay awake until a specific hour; one that isn't "too early." But me? I just go with it. I don't try to fight my drowsiness...never have. Today my mom was sharing the story with everyone about how much I slept as a new born - 12 hours a night. And old habits die hard. I love to sleep, which is one reason (out of many) why I'm not ready to have a kid. I fell asleep watching our Netflix of the week, Unforgiven starring Clint Eastwood. I decided that I'm not too fond of westersns...even though, I must say, Clint Eastwood's character Will Munny was a badass.

So here I am again, another Saturday and another football game on television. I wish that I had pictures to share with you, but unfortunately our camera is still broken. Maybe I will dig up some old ones just for fun...

This past week brought a lot of excitement as we began to prepare for the Halloween party. Two of my very best friends - Crystal and Sherri - came over Wednesday night for a party planning session. They will be splitting the hosting duties with me. The three of us divied up the responsiblities, decided on how to spend the party funds, and discussed decorations and logistics. I'm so looking forward to having all our friends over for an evening of silly celebration. The costumes are my favorite part, which is why we'll be awarding prizes for the best one. My only concern at this point is the noise level. The last Halloween party I hosted was broken up by the police. I expect that it's going to happen since we live in a densly populated residential area. I'd rather not have a visit from the cops because it kills the mood. But still, having the police come is the mark of a truly good party, so I'm trying to embrace it.

The weather has been SOOOO nice lately. I sure hope it stays this way for the next month so we can have the party outside. Sean and I wanted to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine today, so we joined a group of family and friends for tailgating at Vanderbilt. We don't have tickets to the games like everyone else, but we like visiting with them for the afternoon. Other than my mom talking my ear off the whole time, I enjoyed it.

Quick update on the grass seed: IT'S GROWING! Yes, we have little bright green grass sprouting throughout the yard. I'm so glad our hard work is paying off. We're about to have the sexiest lawn on Timmons Street.

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